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It’s been fun, this was my first proper group and, well, I’ve been here for a few months. It was an enjoyable experience that I’ll never forget, but I think I’ll stay out of RP groups for now until the biggest load of my college experience is over.

Thank you all for this great experience.

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Late Arrival [open]


Let’s see…

Books for Lucian, check…

Antique Zippos for Flint, check…

Herbs for Bertha, check…



It wasn’t anything new, the champion had just arrived from her month long business trip and decided to head to the league to check on her things before she decided to head home. Knowing her elites, they’d attack her luggage for presents before they’d bother to greet her and so she wanted to be ready for that.

Also, she decided to maybe check up on the status of the place.

After all, she was gone for a month and A LOT could happen, especially since she was completely and utterly unreachable during her time away. It was kind of her thing to just disappear without a trace, losing herself in some cave and just stay there until something interesting happens and of course, something interesting did.

Sure she could go on about the amazing time she spent with the group of unown that she found but that’d be far too long of a post and she still needed to head home.

One more look around and she found Aaron’s preset poking out of her handbag.

“Ahh there you are” she muttered to herself as she pulled out the bug net and checked for any scratches. After she was sure everything were working, not damaged and safely packed, she picked up her stuff and headed for home.

She didn’t know what to expect as she left the league building. Bumping into a stranger? A call maybe? She did have phone service now that she was out of that cave…or maybe just a familiar face?

Whatever it was, she was hoping it’d happen soon.

Sinnoh was rich of minerals, if only one knew where to look. As Victory Road in said region happened to be a cavern, it was also one of the more mineral-rich areas, provided you could get to where a trainer had not been before. It was easier than it sounded. Even if many trainers had made it to the cave itself, not many were keen on exploring, rather they preferred to head straight there. 

Of course, while he was eager to search the place up, down and all around, Steven Stone was currently taking a break. One week inside the area was enough to net him plenty of stones, even if some he had already collected. It was just a matter of separating them and perhaps giving a few away as gifts after some refinement. Most people did not appreciate stones fully unless they were out of the rough, after all!

As such, it was why he found himself outside the League’s building, accompanied by two Beldum (Zirconium and Titanite), as he compared two minerals in his hand. It was only when he looked up that he noticed Cynthia herself leaving the building, heading who-knows where with some belongings.

She seemed a bit pensive. While he hoped she was not busy, there was only one way to find out. Standing up, both beldum following the general location of his shoulders, he waved slightly with his right, pocketing the rock with his left. “If it isn’t Cynthia!”

Dinner on Victory Road


The downtrodden ninja plopped herself down along the side of the cave that was Victory Road. It was yet again another day where the girl’s dad was too busy to eat with her or even see her. Usually she would just go back to the Reception Gate and eat there, sometimes playing around with her camera. But she hadn’t seen her dad in the past couple of weeks, which was really bothering her. She didn’t even see anyone there she normally would pass the food out to. The girl took out the two dinner boxes she was carrying, opening one for herself while fixated on the unclaimed second one. Oh well.. I guess I’ll just give this food to the Golbats when I’m done eating… 

Suddenly, right as she snapped open her chopsticks, she heard a loud rumble. “Wh-what was that?” She stared at her chopsticks and then down at her stomach. However, upon realizing that neither of those were the source of the sound for obvious reasons, she bolted away from her place, leaving the food there. Whatever that sound was, she had to get away from it, and fast.

It was not normal for Steven to take his Larion out for a walk. Being the Pokémon he owned that was the most fond of his father, Steven Stone had already resigned himself to the fact that Chromite was his father’s ‘pet dog’. 

Still, as he had left Chromium and Titanium in his place, he was sure the company would be more than fine. In fact… he was sure Chromium would spend most of the week in his Pokéball, given his attitude.

As the heir of Devon Corporation was definitely not used to Chromium’s mannerisms when left to romp, it came as a surprise that he, quite literally, bulldozed through the path, creating a large amount of noise.

Shaking his head, he followed after the minor debris, as the Larion was doing a good job of avoiding walls, for the most part.

As such, he didn’t exactly expect it when, suddenly, in the middle of Kanto and Johto’s Victory Road…

There was abandoned food on the floor, and it seemed rather fresh.

It was so strange, in fact, that Chromite had stopped as well, looking around in puzzlement. 

Glancing about, as his Pokémon seemed to be doing, Steven narrowed his eyes and called out, deciding it would be best to see if the owner was still around. Maybe he could return it… if they didn’t find the owner, perhaps it’d be best to feed it to wild Pokémon that wouldn’t mind. After all, he wasn’t too comfortable with eating someone else’s food, and Chromite was rather prissy when it came to food (he only wanted to eat metal, that one. Even Zinc liked pokémon treats, but Chromite refused every time).  ”Hello?” He called out, voice of decent volume, then paused.

"Er…" He muttered, then shook his head. "You forgot your food?"

[ Ash and Steven ] - Prompt Meeting


A red blush appeared over his face as the man had given him his trust so easily.  His body swelled up with pride and happiness, as Ash returned to focus on the waves as he and Pikachu kept his eyes trained on the rampaging waters that clashed against the boat as they set off. Steven’s Pokemon; A Claydol and Skamory were beside them helping keeping watch.

Normally, Ash would have felt secure with Pikachu and the extra back up with them. However, there was a giant nagging feeling that was at the back of his head that continued to make him feel uncertain and nervous of the situation that they were being put through. Nonetheless, everything seemed to be working out in their favor so far.

I’ll check with Blaine whenever I get the chance and Nurse Joy,’ He briefly thought to himself with a thin frown. Maybe they both knew something.

It seemed Ash was eager to let his Pokémon out, considering that they were now outside their respective Pokéballs. Ah well, he did not mind at all. After all, the whole thing just felt… fishy.

Frowning, he kept focusing on their path, the waves tossing the boat to and fro slightly, but not enough for someone to lose their footing.

So long as they were prepared, of course.

"It’s… going to be a bumpy ride." He uttered as he steeled himself, doing his best to keep the rudder steady as the violent thrashing of the waves started to affect their mode of transportation more and more.

"Hang on!"

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-Working title-


She retrieved two cups from the pantry, setting them onto their respective dishes. Coffee, Roxanne noted to herself, bringing out the Robusta and Arabica beans into a matching pot. The hot water streamed into the container while ste listened to Steven shuffling in the seat and began to talk. 

“Memories, indeed.” Roxanne laughed, carrying the set out on a tray. She set them on the table before them and promptly took a seat on the opposing end. A smile filled the momentary silence, the strong aroma of the coffee teasing her taste buds. Please, help yourself, Roxanne gestured with her hands, leaning forward to claim her own cup. She sipped at the coffee, making a pained face at the bitter taste before reaching for the sugar. Much better.

“… So, how have you been, Steven?” Roxanne treaded, unsure if he’d preferred to be acknowledged as authority rather than acquaintance. Considering they haven’t contacted in a while, the leader adjusted herself. “Mr. Steven, if you prefer,” she added quietly. 

Steven observed the tray idly, thanking the gym leader for the coffee as it was offered to him. Taking the cup that Roxanne had left alone, as it was most probably the one intended for him, he chuckled softly, giving a shrug. Sipping the hot drink carefully, he waited a moment before answering her question, giving her a small smile.

"Steven is fine." He answered idly, making sure to loosen his posture slightly. "I’ve been well these past few months." He answered after a few moments, calculating the time passed in his head. Ah, he didn’t keep good track of it, considering where he spent most of his time in. It was why having a PokéNav on hand at all times was handy, he supposed. "Here and there… it’s been a bit interesting." Placing the cup back on the table for a small rest, having been sipping the coffee between sentences, he shifted his stance slightly, leaning towards the table and, thus, towards the rock-type user. "And yourself?"

-Working title-


Roxanne looked up to her guest, surprised that it was none other than Steven Stone. As a child, she had looked up to the heir of the Devon Corp as someone who was hardworking and diligent. No need to explain how her love for fossils and rock-types came about either. 

Returning the bow and greeting, Roxanne strode to the man and offered her hand for a shake. “It is nice to see you again, Champion Stone. I have been good, thank you for your concern. Please, take a seat..” she said, gesturing to the plush chairs in front of her desk. 

“What would be your purpose of this unexpected visit? Is there something I could assist you in?” Roxanne paused for a moment, pondering if she had forgotten something important to ask a guest..

“Ahh, yes. Would you like some coffee or tea?”

Hah… Champion. He had not heard that title for a long time. Smiling at Roxanne, he took and shook her hand in a solid motion. “Alright, thank you for your hospitality.” Smiling at the hard-working girl, Steven did just that, sitting down on the gestured chair. Quite comfortable…

"I was simply curious as to the state of the Gym, and yourself." He answered idly, taking a glance at the perimeter. It seemed to be in order. In fact, it was ‘scarily orderly’, perhaps, for some people. Messy people tended to avoid organization to the point that too much was ‘creepy’. He kind of liked it, actually…

"You see, I was in town and- ah, coffee, if you can." He paused his speech to answer, then shifted a bit on his seat. "This Gym brings plenty of memories, and I thought I should pay an old acquaintance a visit." Things tended to drift apart if one let a friendship sit away for too long, after all. Well, at least, he considered it a friendship on his end.

He wasn’t all too sure if Roxanne considered themselves to be friends.

» Fresh Air «


The green haired boy felt his heart racing, feeling so nervous about talking to the Steven Stone. As much as he wanted to calm down, he couldn’t! How many times would he meet someone so great? Still, he did his best to stay calm and not freak about this. Chances are, Steven felt strange about this happening to him. No, this might have happened before to Steven.. Or that was what Wally wished.. 

Putting his full attention on Steven, he kept a calm face. Wally was so alarmed that he was making himself space out. Not a good thing to do when talking to people, he had to remember that. After all of the isolation he had from interacting with humans, it felt so strange. Still, he would never forget about the first person he ever wanted to be friends with, Ruby. “I feel like I do not have to fear when I read a book, no matter what type of book it is.” With reading, he didn’t have to fear about people finding out.. 

Blinking, he wasn’t sure on how he was going to leave this time around.. Each time he did escape, he took the Old Man’s boat, but he was no longer allowed to use it. Flygon used Sandstorm when she got out and he couldn’t do that to the people of Pacifidlog.. “I.. Honestly, I had not thought about until now.. This time around, it will be difficult.” Look at Steven, the boy had no idea what to say. “No one can take me and the boat I usually use has been.. Taken away since I did certain things.” Great, he was completely stuck. 

Wait, he could swim by taking Route 132.. Except for the fact he did not know how to swim and he could get killed by taking that Route.. It was the only chance he had.. There was no way he could stay here! 

“I’ll swim..” 

A nod. This was true. Although there was peril at times in books, the reader was often cushioned with the safety that it was not them going through the trouble, it was the characters, and they could somehow make it. It’d be alright, that was a constant mantra, although there was a time once when he read a book in particular that almost gave him a slight amount of paranoia. Almost. Still, on the topic of adventures, there was no need to fear the feats themselves, just fear for the character, perhaps. “This is true.”

Steven observed as the boy seemed to sort of take his time answering his query about traveling, as if he was thinking. Ah, perhaps he had not-
Yes, the young one’s speech seemed to confirm it. He had not thought about how to do so.

"…" What exactly had he done that did not allow him to use the boat anymore? "I… see." He shook his head, then placed a hand on the boy’s head. "I don’t think you should swim, Wally. The currents are harsh sometimes."

He didn’t really know what to say. While he could dissuade the child from traveling, he seemed willing enough that he’d swim. The boy was also banned from using a boat, so he could only assume that Wally, at some point, had attempted to leave without permission.

Running away..?

"In fact… ah, before that, let me ask… who are you staying with?"

Mentioning parents was often crude, if one didn’t have any. His mother had passed away, and he was fairly certain not everyone lived in a household with two parents. He had met orphans, even.
Wally didn’t seem to be living on his own, but he didn’t know who he was living with.

"You see, if you want to travel so much, perhaps I could take you someplace, so long as it’s alright with them."

Coffee Break


Mars was very amused that she seemed to be able to get the stranger she had just met’s attention. It was a small common knowledge that people from the region knew about. Or at least from what she knew. 

Maybe taunt him a bit more.

Would she mind sharing? Hmm. It was not really that hard to get the the undergrounds, but seeing that he was not from around here. She could possibly make this a bit more interesting. 

The male really did appear to be interested in the matter, maybe there would be a chance that she would be able to gain something from this. It would be very much like her to try to get something out of it. But there really was not much that she had in mind at the moment.
Maybe she would be able to get an IOU out of him.

“If I tell you how.. Is there a chance that I will get something in return?” She twirled the tip of her hair at her finger tips, turning slightly to face him. “I’ll tell you where you’re able to get the items required to be able to access the undergrounds.. And how to find the entryways.”

The cup of coffee was, at this point, forgotten. He had better things to think about. Namely, what the girl was saying. He raised a brow at her actions and words, then chuckled a bit. Ah, he supposed not everyone was willing to divulge information. What she was offering was quite enticing, remarkably alluring.

It was bait he simply could not ignore.

Still, he had to be careful. She sought something in return, so he had to make sure to make the offer be to standards. He could certainly not offer to give her half of what he found the first round, no. He wasn’t sure if she was interested in money, either. 

"Mutual benefit, you say?" He asked, his lips quirking slightly in an odd sort of half-smile. "What exactly would you be interested in?" He was genuinely curious, but it was also a business tactic. He had to know what she was after to see if he could offer something similar that wouldn’t be much of a loss, in a way.

Sort of.

On the downside, he was slightly disappointed that he had to haggle for information, but it was much too important.

Read me a Story


She chuckled. “Quite a cute nickname.” It suited both the Pokémon’s type and was sort of more a ‘pet’ name. Though, she didn’t mention that. Shauntal liked to name all her Pokémon, though they were more human or mythically-sounding in their names. Like her favourite books.

“Dae.” She started looking to the ground while reminiscing. “She was my first litwick then… You see in my town people don’t go out after dark. It’s unsafe, but even for a twelve year old it would be unsafe anywhere. Not that I listened.” She chucked.

“I got good at sneaking out after dark. Some days, on walks, nothing would happen, sometimes I might see something. Never go out in a fog —-that was my only rule to myself. One strange day… I say strange as it was foggy that evening, something pulled me to go. I saw her. She was lonely, maybe lost; litwicks are not common in my town you see…” 

She paused in setting the stage up in his mind, as vividly as it was in her memory, but they had arrived at the restaurant, Shauntal held the door open for him. She quieted asking him where he’d like to sit. There was more to her story. Though whether he wanted to hear more was up to him.

Steven smiled a little, giving a nod. Most people saw it as a rather crude name, but at least she seemed to agree that it fit, in an odd sort of way.

Observing the female garbed in black as she spoke up, he raised a brow, then smiled a little. She didn’t look it, but it seemed that she was a rather adventurous sort, and the story itself was very heartwarming, in a way. Finding a lost, lonely Pokémon and giving it a home, it was very kind of her.

"I see. So," He paused, entering the restaurant after thanking her courtesy with a nod. Helping to keep it open, he waited until she walked in as well, then glanced about for empty seats. Finding a table for two near a window, he naturally chose that spot, leading his escort (however weird that was) to it and pulling a chair. "What happened afterwards?" He finally asked, having left the question hanging in the air.

"Was it dangerous where you lived that everyone lived under strict curfew?"

He was just full of questions, wasn’t he?

-Working title-


Roxanne raised a finger to her forehead, the same hand proceeding to smoothe out her hair soon after. It has been a long day, despite the sluggish gym battles — a few trainers, a fre spoilt brats; nothing too interesting. A deep sigh escaped the gym leader’s lips just as a sharp knocks jolted her away from her thoughts followed by a muffled voice. 

“Ahh, yes. The door is unlocked.” Roxanne answered clearly, standing up from her seat to straighten her outfit for the guest. It was an unfamiliar voice, though it seemed like she might have heard of that voice somewhere, somehow.. 

Opening the door as soon as he was prompted by the clear, female voice, Steven Stone entered the permises, excusing himself to the owner by giving her a bow as he entered. Closing it after him, as he wasn’t to leave the door hanging open, he spoke up once more, at least to introduce himself.

"Greetings, Leader Roxanne." As he said this, he slowly strode to her location, glancing about the area. A school, of course. She ran a trainer’s school along with her gym, which he found quite admirable. Sometimes, he would see the premises as he traveled to and from Rustboro.

"How have you been?" Studious, she had not been a gym leader long, but from what he had heard of her peers, she did rather well in her position.